Taylorsville United Methodist
191 Years of Service to the Community
Established January 12, 1833     Building completed 1842


This Meeting will be a report on 2 restrictions on Church Law that were removed by the General Conference of the United Methodist Church.
We, as a Local Church, can and will act, as requested by our District Superintendent, to establish the Policies of TUMC in response to the 2 restrictions that were removed by the General Conference.
We have this privilege as a Local United Methodist Church and will communicate our TUMC Policies with our District Superintendent and Conference Bishop in response to these 2 removed restrictions.
This meeting will speak to our Congregation the reaction of our TUMC Executive Committee about the 2 removed restrictions by the General Conference.
A copy of The Bishop’s Letter to the Conference Churches, with his reaction, will be reviewed.
Questions & Discussion will follow as needed.